Attempt to make to Palmerston North Placemakers round 1 23/10/10.

After a top effort to get precious up and running on Saturday, there was huge disappointment within the team. We found the dry sump pump still leaking after the off season re-build so the pin was pulled on heading to Palmerston North for the Placemakers round 1. The effort was put in to get the pump back out (Darryls getting good at this now lol) and get it fixed so we could head to Wanganui practice the next day. By 7.30pm Saturday night, there were smiles all round with a quick test run and a couple of coldies, the dry sump pump was fixed.

Practice Sunday 24/10/10.

We rocked out to the track late in the day ready to play. First time out was time for Darryl to remember how to turn left and settle into the new set up in the rear. Coming in after the run, the pilot once again had that smile upon his face and the crew were sent to work to change the set up and tinkering with things. We must note, we were happy the pump had no leaks (thats a first). Out for the second run and more progress with set up changes through out the day we came away very happy and fizzing to get to a meeting.

New graphics and sign writing thanks Taylors Signs and Graphics (we dont do boring) just ask for Brendon.

Stratford opening 30/10/10.

The morning was spent loading spares, cleaning up and making sure precious was in top shape. The crew met at party HQ and hit the road at 4pm. Farmer K settled into piloting Thunderbird 8 with the trip being nice and relaxing but LONG (no music, thanks Darryl). Showing up at the track, we set to work.

Race 1.

Starting from mid pack the race was on and by lap 3 the Wanganui cars were in control with Richard Watkins 99v out in front and Darryl chasing hard all the way followed up by Sam Doyle 51v. Mid race Darryl was putting the pressure on. What seemed to me a miss firing 99v, he kept his lead with precious not quite having the legs to put the pass on. So a good race all in all 1st 99v, 2nd 5v and 3rd 51v.

Race 2.

With a gear set change and a front row start, things were looking good but after missing the start (sorry Darryl had to put that in) and dropping off a wee bit 5v emerged around the outside from turn 1 leading the field. This is how it stayed with Sam on his bumper till mid way when he stretched away for a good win. 2nd 51v and 3rd Phil Ogle 282s.

Race 3.

With the start a bit stuffed up the inside row lined up and rest were ????. The flag dropped and the job was on to reel in the front runners but as per normal by lap 3 or 4 the Wanganui boys were leading 1, 2 and 3. Darryl was chasing 51v hard with 99v in 3rd. At the half way point 51v and Darryl were out in front with a hard dry track, the boys were fair flying. With the white flag dropping the boys caught up to lap traffic. With 51v going wide and Darryl with precious shooting the gap low the boys then tangled and being the last lap, last corner out of the turn Darryl came out in front for the win, 51v 2nd and unsure of who came 3rd.

So all in all a good road trip away, learning heaps about the car and the new set up in the rear defiantly works.

Signing off

Technology wench.

Wanganui Opening Meeting 7/11/10

A beautiful day saw the team head out to our local track for our opening double points meeting.

Race 1

The race started out very slippery which turned out to be all the car liked all day, stretching out a lead with good drive in the wet stuff. By half way the track dried out and poor precious developed a push allowing the others to catch up. The white flag dropped and 10p Peter Rees gave Darryl and precious a punt into pit turn allowing himself and 282s Phil Ogle underneath 1st 10p, 2nd 282s and 3rd Darryl.

Race 2

With a bit of water on top, 10p got the jump. Darryl and precious chased hard unfortunately the handling issues really showed their ugly head. With Darryl having to race precious like a sprint car giving her the Scandinavian flick to get her around the corners, this let 282s catch up. Darryl doing his best to keep 282s on his rear bumper but with not being able to keep the car low on the pole 282s got underneath. Therefore Darryl had to settle for another 3rd bringing precious home in 1 piece.

Race 3

With plenty of changes made between races to sort out the handling issues, race 3 started out hard and fast with the top 4 putting the bumpers in to keep each other honest. 282s got the jump and at 1 point Darryl, 51v Sam Doyle and 10p came out of the pit corner 3 wide making for some good racing. Unfortunately 51v and Darryl tangled letting 10p get away, with 51v taking Darryl to the grass??? Darryl took the challenge and sent 51v to the wall allowing himself to get away but by now the gap to the front runners was too big to reel in so Darryl settled in for yet another 3rd and brought precious home in 1 piece.

Race 4 (All in)

Race start Darryl, 10p, 51v and 23v Scott Duncan jumped away from the pack with the lead changing in as many laps until the reds came out. With the 4 of them running hard, coming into pit corner Darryl went under 23v and got tangled which sent Darryl wide 23v swiped Darryl to the wall then 51v having his turn on precious side rail as well. Darryl pulled precious off the wall and chased down 51v giving him a serve up the rear, unfortunately poor precious didn’t like this and stalled so a DNF for the 4th race.

Not bad for the first run at home with double points on offer 3 3rds is not bad coming out top local car for the evening is all good. So back to the drawing board with the handling issues and a bit of steel work to do and having the weekend off precious will be back in top shape with the team yet to decide whether we head to Stratford or Palmy for the next meeting.

Until next time

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Wanganui meeting 28/11/2010

Race 1 (Noel Kensington Memorial)

With a good jump off the start getting through the 1st corner medley, precious jumped out into 4th place chasing down the red magnet 8p freshly purchased by the Miers camp. Miers went wide, bounced off the wall, crossing in front of precious and Darryl, all seemed to come to a halt losing many places as the rest of the pack caught up. Putting the hammer back down, Darryl and precious gave chase with plenty of bumpers being used, this meeting was turning into a beauty. Unfortunately this is where the handling issues reared its ugly head again in what seemed to be a lack of power, poor precious and Darryl struggled to keep up and Darryl pulled infield. So with the first DNF for the season. Back in the pits, the problem was found to be lack of fuel pressure.

Race 2 (Heat 1 of the West Coast Champs)

From the start all hell broke loose with Sam Doyle 51v blowing the water pipe at the drop of the green turning left across the front of the pack causing absolute mayhem into pit corner. Coming out onto the back straight, Darryl and precious emerged in 2nd place chasing down the red magnet 8p. Unfortunately this is the best it got without being able to pin point the horrible handling, the pack quickly caught up and we were slowly picked off 1 by 1. Darryl and precious settled in to do the best they could coming in a mid pack finish.

Race 3 (Heat 2 of the West Coast Champs)

With a lot of changes made between races we set out for our 3rd race. With a mid pack start and plenty of bumpers being used the pace was hard and fast. Nearing the end once again Darryl was battling with the red magnet 8p when on the last lap a tangle in the pit corner allowed Darryl underneath gaining 3 spots but unfortunately on the last turn he tangled with the silver bullet 16b climbing over the front spinning infield putting him back for another mid pack finish.

Race 4 (Heat 3 of the West Coast Champs)

With a rear grid start it was always going to be push and shove to gain places. Lap 2 coming into pit corner 51v did a wizz bang and spun out causing the pack to slow with plenty of bumpers being used. Darryl almost climbed over the 28b. After 4 or 5 laps the track slicked off and precious seemed to love it with Darryl being able to make up many places by the half way point of the race. Unfortunately this is how it stayed with another mid pack finish. Poor precious needs some work to be done to sort out the ugly handling.

Signed off

Technology Wench

P.S. Many thanks for all the out of town cars - Visitors are always most welcome 

Wanganui meeting 12/12/2010

With some time spent going over precious and Stratford being rained off, a few problems were found regarding the handling issues. So with a bit of work been done things were looking up for this meeting.

Race 1

With a wet track to start things off, it was all looking good, the handling was awesome. Darryl was able to point precious where he wanted. So with this the battle was on. At the half way mark Darryl was have a good ding dong battle with Richard Watkins 99v and Steven Gilford 45s, with plenty of bumper use and a but of a tangle Darryl got past them and raced off. By the time the white flag dropped, Darryl had gotten up to 3rd place but by this time Ant Cooper 51v and Sandy Fleet 89s had cleared off. So Darryl settled in for 3rd place with smiles all round between the crew and things were looking good.

Race 2

With a front row start Darryl took off followed by 45s with the first few laps being a bit greasy Darryl was being kept honest by Shag in 45s. At the half way point Darryl and 45s had a good straight lead before 45s dropped off the pace and with that Darryl and precious cleared away for the win.

Race 3

Darryl for a good jump off the start using the bumper to get through the first turn, it was 51v out in front followed by 45s and Darryl. The battle was on and with the handling issues gone, Darryl was able to throw precious around managing to get down the inside of 45s pushing him wide but 45s kept the pressure on and at times Darryl was using the concrete wall to his advantage (poor precious). With all this going on 51v had jumped to a good lead but they were slowly reeling him in. At the drop of the white flag Darryl was on his bumper and in the last turn the 2 of them got loose and Darryl was able to tag 51v rear bumper sending him wide and robbed 51v of yet another win.

Race 4

This is to be the race that wasnt, getting another good start the boys were fear using their bumpers however by lap 3 51v was out in front and 45s spun, leaving Darryl with no where to go but into the side of 45s. Darryl got away and gave chase but this was as good as it got. Two stockcars tangled in pit turn bringing out the reds. As Darryl slowed the left front tyre deflated, so with that Darryl pulled precious infield for a DNF.

So all in all it was a good outcome to this meeting and with the team heading north to the NZ Chanps on boxing day then back to Wanganui for the GP on the 1st and 2nd things are really looking great. Big thanks again to the out of town cars for coming as this really helps our meetings. Big thanks also to Mike Annabell for laying the new track surface during the week as this sort of thing takes a lot of time and effort.

Signing off

Technology wench

Next race meeting is at the New Zealand Superstock Champs in Rotorua (27 & 28 December 2010) and as we wont have any use of technology I will have to wait to return home before updating again.